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The Proud History of Craftmanship...

Turned into Innovative Technology

From a traditional craftsmanship company we have turned into a modern technology group. Traditions have been preserved and along with innovative technology, focus on education of our employees and an efficient as well as flexible production, we are constantly striving to meet your requirements in terms of products, logistics and pricing.

Randers Reb - meeting your requirements for products, logistics and pricing

Randers Reb Group is a modern company based on an unparalleled experience of almost 200 years - we are still young at heart. We have been developing and servicing the playground and amusement park area since the early 1970ies, and this comprehensive experience from standard and non-standard installations is extremely valuable in our efforts to meet the expectations of our global customers.

An International Organization

We still have our roots in the Danish city of Randers. Since the start - nearly 200 years ago - our headquarters as well as our international sales and distribution department have been located in Randers.

Our production unit is located in Lithuania where we have built a modern and flexible production facility to comply with all current requirements for quality, reliability and safety of our rope products. Customer focus, teamwork and flexibility are keywords throughout our organization.

Vision – more than a supplier

It is our vision to be the global preferred partner of rope solutions for playgrounds as well as adventure and amusement parks.

We focus on listening, acting, and developing ourselves and our products in close cooperation with our customers. Our aim is to be a constant competitive and reliable partner in terms of high quality products such as steel and fiber ropes and other related equipment.