Navy Flex 3 stranded fiber ropes

3 stranded fiber ropes

Technical specifications:

  • Manufactured according to EN 1346.
  • Material: Fibrillated polypropylene split film, UV-stabilized.
  • Construction: 3-strands each manufactured of twisted 3-laid yarns.
  • Colors: Natural/Hemp brown as standard. Black, white yellow, beige upon request.
  • Elongation at break: Approx. 30%.
  • Melting point: 165 - 175° C.
  • Specific gravity: 0.91 g/cm3.

The 3-laid yarns give Navy Flex better wearing qualities than those of ordinary 3-strand ropes. Navy Flex has a high breaking strength and is resistant to acid, alkali and sunlight. It neither shrinks nor rots. It has a smooth surface and is an easy-to-handle rope with excellent splicing qualities.

Colors available

Navy Flex Rope Colours