Safety is of utmost importance when working with installation for play, adventure and action.

Since our start in 1840 our largest concern has been the safety of the thousands of maritime and other professionals depending on the strength, duress and flexibility of the ropes from Randers Reb.

We literally hold their lives on a string, and people rely on our knowledge and expertise.

All Relevant Certifications

We feel exactly the same commitment towards both young and adult users of our ropes for play, adventure and action. Safety first!

Therefore, Randers Reb meets all relevant requirements to give your guests optimum safety and confidence in a strong and reliable rope installation for play, adventure and action: that is EN 1176 and REACH.

Also, statements for maximized UV stability, fire classification and more are available. Randers Reb holds ISO 9001 and Lloyd’s certificates and any delivery can include a works certificate for the products in question.

Long-lasting and Flexible Rope Products

All ropes for Play&Parks are designed to provide the most important characteristics for this area:

  • strength
  • elasticity
  • good grip
  • gentle to hands and feet
  • bright, visible signal colors
  • natural look to suit the environment
  • maximum UV- and wear resistance